My Day with Maxx

No list today.  I am grateful for Maxx and I got to spend all day and evening with him.  In fact, he is in the guest room sleeping right now and he wants to hang out with me tomorrow morning too.  It has been a wonderful day.  I picked him up this morning and we came home for a while.  He loves time with Uncle Harris and that guy was here when we got back.  We played with the cats, the guys burned some trash together and then we had lunch.  Maxx is a serious chicken nugget man.  He eats them with ketchup and it doesn’t take him long.

After lunch we went to New Braunfels to see Hotel Transylvania 3.  We had the entire theater to ourselves.  Maxx moved around and even tried out sitting alone a couple of rows behind me.  He came back to where I was pretty quickly.  I sneaked in some cookies and juice for a snack and we ate them pretty early in the show.  This kid never complains.  He asks for things but he takes “no” for an answer very easily.  The movie was not deep.  It had some funny lines and the cast of voices was pretty incredible.  The monsters take a cruise to get a break from life in a hotel that serves monsters.  The cruise was all monsters.  There is a cute love story and a jealous grown kid – see, I did pay attention.  The music was really good and Maxx enjoyed the whole flick.


When it was over we went to Hobby Lobby.  He spotted some fabrics he liked, particularly one with cats all over it.  He said he really liked that one.  We wandered on and found the remnant section in the clearance area.  There was about a yard of the cat fabric for $2.69.  I only need 3/4 yard to make a pillow case.  We grabbed that cat fabric!  Then we went to check our the hard plastic animals.  Maxx is SERIOUSLY into dinosaurs and he picked out a T-rex to have as his very own.  Then we headed home.

Once here, Maxx picked out the other two fabrics for his pillowcase.  A zebra print and a neutral for the accent.  I told him I would get them ready and he could help me sew them.  I trimmed and pinned while he watched TV and then we made a pillowcase.  I drove the fabric, he worked the pedal.  He was very proud of his work.  I washed and dried it so he could sleep on it tonight.


Papa got home about 4:30 and we went to dinner about 5:30.  Maxx is also really fond of bean and cheese tacos.  He loves to go to Sely’s with us and Uncle Harris usually joins us.  Tonight, the parking  lot was beyond full.  They have a party room and obviously there was a party in it.  We waited an extra long time for everything but this kid was absolutely great!  He played with Uncle Harris.  He drank sweet tea and ate chips.  He just waited for his dinner.  Uncle Harris and Papa were more tense about waiting for dinner than the five year old.  Just made me love him even more.


Maxx loves exploring at our house.  He and Uncle Harris collected snail shells this afternoon and Maxx wanted to check on them when we got home from dinner.  He also wanted to see how bright Papa’s head light (as in light that you wear on your head) is in the dark of our yard.  He really liked how his path was illuminated no matter which direction he went.  By the time he had his fill of all this, it was time to hit the sack.  He got his cats pillowcase, I read him a story about 4 kittens and he dozed off pretty quickly.  I am so happy to have him spending the night with us.  I want to make memories with him and make sure he knows what a treasure he is to us.  I have him for a few more hours tomorrow morning and I can’t wait!


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