Pink Ribbon S*&%

Last year when I was diagnosed, I proclaimed to all who would listen that I was not interested in being covered up with what I called “pink ribbon s*&%.”   Not that there’s not some cute PRS out there – there really is, but I didn’t want to turn into an “everything pink in my world” kind of person.  This year, I have few treasured items that have pink ribbons on them.  My mom sent me a thermal cup that has a great collection of flowers, bugs and the occasional pink ribbon.  By the time I got back on my feet last year I had seen a PRS graphic I really liked that combined the Wonder Woman logo from the movie that summer and the pink ribbon.

I have a machine that cuts out graphics from iron-on vinyl and then I iron them onto whatever I want to decorate.  I was all over this design!  I got a long sleeve grey knit shirt and decorated that thing up.  I thought I looked pretty cute in it too!


My Pink Sister (friend who is also fighting the breast beast) Jonna is the mother of two little girls.  This spring when she was facing chemo and radiation, I decided she and her girls needed some Wonder Woman shirts.  Of course when you need adult, toddler and infant matching grey shirts, they are not to be found.  I got the right sizes in not matching colors and made them shirts.  Jonna was really excited to get them!  She and the girls have worn them to some breast beast events and I loved making them.

Now we are in Breast Cancer Awareness Month (aka October) and here in Texas it’s still pretty warm.  I decided this morning that I needed a short sleeve shirt with my favorite logo.  I whipped out my Cricut (cricket) and cut the graphic and ironed it onto a short sleeve grey shirt that my sister gave me.  BAM!  New PRSWW shirt for me!


These shirts are fun to make.  I sometimes think I will never wear a plain shirt ever again.  But they won’t all be PRS shirts.  I have not lost my mind.

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