I Missed a Day

Yesterday was a fairly regular Wednesday.  I got a flu shot, hung out at home and went to Overcomers in the evening.  Only one more week and it’s a pot luck dinner.  Though it has had its high points, I will be glad to get my Wednesday evenings back. Someday I will write about Overcomers but it’s not the right time yet.  I did get home without enough energy to write in my blog.  But here is what I am grateful for on this Thursday:

  1. TV
  2. Hamburgers
  3. Whole days at home

I am a child of the Television Age.  I was raised on the glass tit and I’m not ashamed to say so.  There are lots of shows that I truly look forward to week in and week out.  I record them so that I am always free to live life.  I don’t want to be tied to the TV.  I think I have a good variety of what I like – some drama, some comedy, some reality and a whole lot of HGTV.  I usually have the TV on in my studio as white noise.  If I try to sew or do any other work without background noise, I tend to flit from one thing to another and I don’t like that feeling.  TV provides me with the ability to focus and for that I am grateful.

Hollis and I just recently found a new to us hamburger joint.  It’s been in Cibolo for a few years but we just discovered it on our way home from working out at the Y.  It is small.  Not more than 12 or so tables and you order at a counter and wait for burgers to come to the table.  I can get a small cheeseburger with some avocado slices on it and tater tots and H can get the next size up burger with fries.  We love the food and it doesn’t take long to get food and get on our way home.  We are really happy to have a nearby spot to get a good burger at a locally owned restaurant.

I stayed home all day today.  I didn’t leave until H and I went to the Y (and the burger joint).  I usually have one or more places to go in any given day so when a day comes along that I can just stay here, that is a really good day!  I sewed some and embroidered some.  I put away a load of laundry.  I enjoyed the solitude (and the TV, and the sewing and embroidery machines) but I’m always glad when Hollis gets home.  I can only be people free for so long and then I need interaction.  There was a hard rainstorm this morning which made me glad I didn’t have to go anywhere.  It just added to the gratefulness.

This is one of those really dull entries that I dread posting.  Hang in there with me – I will have more exciting days!  Tomorrow I get to spend the day with Maxx and Cayden and Capri will be here Saturday.  That should give me plenty to write about and some good photos too!

Sleep well friends!

A Teriffic Tuesday

I had a new adventure today.  I also had a regular adventure with a new person and then I had another adventure that I get to have every third Tuesday of the month.  Here’s the list of what I’m grateful for today:

  1. Lunch with a Pink Sister
  2. New experiences
  3. Bunco!

My plastic surgeons office has a patient liaison who sends us emails about other patients who need to connect with her pink sisters who have survived what she is still facing.  One such email was about Denise.  She was ready for her last step scar revision surgery and she was apprehensive about the pain, the process and the outcome.  I emailed her and she answered.  We traded emails for a while and agreed to meet when she was about recovered from this surgery.  Last Thursday night we met in person at a Pink Ladies event.  From there, we set a lunch date for today.  We met at Pei Wei and talked for TWO HOURS!  Well, I talked too much but we had a great conversation.  We even set a date to have lunch again next month.  But for breast cancer, our paths probably never would have crossed.  I am so glad they did cross though because we seem to need each other.  I’m grateful for the lunch and for the patient liaison who brought us together!

After lunch with Denise, I went for a session of vibration sound therapy.  Audrey Stephens is the therapist and she gave us a presentation and mini session at the Pink Ladies event last week.  I was intrigued because I think anything that relaxes my body and settles my mind is probably good for me.  Using quartz and brass bowls and soft end sticks, she made the most delightful noises and placed the vibrating bowls on my feet, my hands, my belly and my head.  I went with a completely open mind and no expectations.  I was so relaxed and peaceful when I finished!!  I thought I might be sleepy but I wasn’t and I felt ready to take on the traffic to get home.  I appreciate Audrey’s caring and compassion and I hope to go back soon.

I love Bunco night!  Twelve of us gather at Dona’s house.  We bring snacks – appetizers, fruit, fast food and most importantly, deserts to eat and then we play the game.  We roll, change tables, break for more food, play some more and then give out some prizes.  We meet at 6:00, finish playing about 8:45, collect our empty dishes and go home.  I’ve been playing with this group for over 5 years.  Some members have come and gone but I love this group very much.  Over the years it has had been mothers and daughters, in-laws and really close friends.  I look forward to it every single month and doubly so in December when we let all the kids over the age of 6 play.  We even have to reserve a room at a pizza parlor to accommodate everyone.  It’s one of my favorite nights of the year!  Bunco is da bomb!

I want serious bonus points for not talking about sewing because I sewed my sailboats together and finished Maxx’s dinosaur quilt top.   But I didn’t talk about it.

Rest well friends.

Some Days are Just Average

Today was average.  It went as planned.  I did most of the things I planned to and what didn’t get done (swimming) was out of my control (rain caused backflow issues at the Y pool) so I’m okay with it.  Here are three things I am thankful for today:

  1. I love to read
  2. Quilt Bee
  3. My hard-working husband

I have loved reading since I learned how.  These days I love e-reader reading but most of all, I love listening to books.  I mostly love listening to them because I can do other things with my hands and still take in the story.  These other things include driving, cooking, bathing and of course, sewing/quilting.  It seems inefficient to hold a book so I don’t do it very often.  My mom recently mailed a book to me called The French Gardner.  I’ve begun reading it when I am stationary away from home on Monday mornings.  I’m about 6 chapters in and the characters are so far, not anyone I would want to worry about but the synopsis of the book on the back cover seems promising and my mom liked it enough to mail it to me so I am going to persevere.  Hopefully the title character will clean up the mess.

After lunch on most Monday’s I go to quilting bee.  It’s about 20 or so women who gather once a week to work on handwork – hand quilting, binding, hand piecing, etc.  I’m getting to where I really look forward to seeing them.  I keep my own handwork to a minimum.  I prefer to work on a machine but Bee time has made me look for things to do while I am there.  Today I put my new binding knowledge to work on a wall hanging for baby Mack’s room.  Photos after delivery.  Today I took my individual sailboats, all 5 are complete, and showed them around.  I got some input on putting them together and tonight I did just that.  Now I have to decide if they will be a pillow or a wall hanging.  Bee time is good!


Then there is item #3.  Hollis and I will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the day we met in November.  He is the very best guy I know.  I’m still amazed that I caught his eye and the he continues to find me lovable but he does and he makes it known in thousands of ways.  Many years ago we started the practice of spending his first few minutes home together as he changed out of his office clothes into his whatever he’s doing in the evening clothes.  During this time he tells me about his day at work.  He wouldn’t be too happy if I said he was good as gossip but you may draw your own conclusions.  I have always been proud of his work ethic and today he got a nice recognition of his hard work, brains and ability to remain clam in less than perfect circumstances.  I am honored to be his wife.

There is one average Monday.  Tomorrow has some new stuff on the calendar.  We shall see if my writing streak continues.

Rest well friends.


Sunday Musings

It has been a seriously above average day at The Wooldridge Farm!  Let’s get the list out of the way and I’ll tell you all about it.

  1. Grandkids
  2. A husband who really enjoys cooking
  3. Embroidery time

Clayton, Courtney and the grands stopped by today and it was a wonderful visit!  Seeing Clayton cuddle Capri and play with (and sometimes discipline) Cayden is just so much fun to watch!  Neither Hollis nor I (nor anyone who knows him) is surprised by Clayton’s parenting.  He has always loved babies.  His own toddlers are giving him a run for his money but he is obviously in his element when he is with his family.  My grands are super adorable.  Here are some photos from today:

Cayden is almost 4, Capri is 2 and Calla is 3 months old.  It was too muddy to play outside much so we played Candy Land, dressed and undressed bears and laughed and cuddled.  Calla has the most captivating little giggle.  I think she is the most ticklish of all these guys but they all love to laugh.  Yes, I embroidered the girls shirts.  They looked super cute in them!

Hollis cooked twice today which is not uncommon on the weekends but he sure is good at it!  For lunch he grilled the dove Harris has been shooting, cleaning and putting in the fridge.  For dinner he made stir fry with chicken and vegetables.  In between he went grocery shopping for ingredients for his new found pleasure – baking.  He has mastered molasses cookies and is moving on to snickerdoodles.  He gets the Kitchen Aid mixer down and uses it – I do not use it – and even puts it back when he’s done.  Grateful for someone who loves to cook seems silly to write but I would pretty much live on cereal and fast food if it were not for this guy.  If he learns to make cinnamon rolls, I’m done for.

Guess what I got to work on today!  More sailboats!  The last one is being stitched out as I type this.  They look really good and Courtney really like the ones she got to see this afternoon.  I still have not decided what I will make with them but I will get some input tomorrow at my quilting bee.  I imagine quilting bee will be on my list tomorrow but who can predict.

Just a quick warning.  I got motivated to write out some of my experience last year with my breast cancer diagnosis and it was really hard to spell it all out.  As I face anniversaries in the next few weeks, there might be some graphic stuff on this blog.  I hope you appreciate my need to face it down so that I can get the peace of mind I need to be more whole.

Rest well friends!

Saturday’s List

I had a really good day today!  Fair warning, there’s a LOT of sewing related content in today’s missive.  First, the grateful list:

  1. NBAQG
  2. Workshops at NBAQG
  3. Embroidery time

I joined the New Braunfels Area Quilt Guild in 2004.  Quite by accident I spotted a calendar item in the esteemed New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung about the monthly meeting and I went to check it out.  I’ve been a member ever since.  We have a roster of about 200 people who find it valuable to belong to an organization that promotes the awareness and affection for quilting and we accomplish this in many ways.  We have charitable arms made of members who make quilts for kids in any kind of interventional crisis, quilts related to literature which are rotated through several area school districts elementary school libraries and even a group of women who construct quilts for a local hospice in memory of patients at that hospice over the last year.  We have a library hauled in and out of every meeting.  We have a board of officers and a long list committee chairs and every other year we put on a quilt show, open to the public and that show raises funds for us to have rock stars of the quilt world come and make presentations and teach workshops to our membership.  Oh, and we even have a scholarship committee and budget so that we can bless high school seniors with money for college and they don’t have to be studying anything quilting related to qualify.  It is, to my mind, a great community organization and I have always been proud to be a member.  I have served on the board as both VP of Membership and VP for the monthly newsletter and for the past 3 years or so, I have chaired what we call Special Projects.

Basically I come up with ideas for our members to make or bring something to the following meeting.  For instance, in April I asked members to make pillow cases out of patriotic or military fabric and when they were turned in in May we donated them to the VA hospital in San Antonio.  Sometimes we bring 3 chunks of fabric, swap it with others and then finished projects come back the next month.  I like to mix it up and I usually have pretty good participation.  Today, my 2 month project is pretty much a flop at the halfway point.  Only 4 people brought the assigned blocks but we will persevere and the four of us will have new miniature quilts next month.  I can’t wait to see mine when I get it back.  Oh well, only one more project for 2018 and I can move on to 2019.  I’m not toooooo discouraged. . .

I love my guild.  I’ve made some of the best friends of my entire life in that group and several of them cared for me last year in ways I cannot ever repay.  The guild feeds my creativity, my love of learning and my social spirit just by being there every month. And we get to sew together!  It’s great!

I mentioned workshops earlier.  Today I took a binding class taught be a quilter whose quilts have won ribbons in the Houston International Quilt Festival.  She lives here in Texas and I thoroughly enjoyed both her presentation “Bucket List Quilts” and the class this afternoon.  Binding is the edging you put on after you quilt the quilt.  There are myriad ways to bind a quilt and today I learned some cool tips that I plan to use on my next few quilts.  (Side note here – usually at the end of a workshop, my back hurts.  Today, not at all.  Stupid exercise!)  It was great to hang with my friends and learn at the feet of a master in the field.  Here’s a photo of one of the techniques I practiced today.  It’s called flanged binding.  So much potential here!


Last on today’s list is embroidery time.  Remember yesterday when I talked about finished projects?  I always have a list of “need to do” projects but sometimes when I finish a big project (or two medium sized ones)  I treat myself to work on a project just because I want to make it.  I buy embroidery designs from a designer in Australia called Sweet Pea and I’m pretty much a Sweet Pea fanatic.  They have some really well thought out and creative projects and I couldn’t wait to make some sailboats.  Ultimately there will be 5 sailboats and they can be made into a table runner, purse, banner, wall hanging, etc.  Tonight after dinner I decided to make some sailboats.  I only made one  but I completed the prep work for the other 4 and hopefully I will get more of them made tomorrow.  Choosing fabrics is the first and nearly overwhelming step.  Sweet Pea has a huge Facebook presence (nearly 49,000 friends) and once a design is released, people all over the world make it with their own fabric choices and post photos.  Feel free to go look.

Here’s the link:


Here also is a photo of my first sailboat.


Be patient with me.  I’m really excited about my fabric choices but it will take getting all 5 of them made for my vision to show.

Okay, 3 days in a row of blogging and I’m not bored yet.  I just hope you are intrigued as well.  Todays entry has not only photos but a link.  Am I on fire or what?!?

Manana. . .

2 Days in a Row!

I’m really pleased with my second day in a row of blogging but as Hollis often says, I don’t get out much.  Here’s what I am grateful for today:

  1.  Completed projects
  2. Sewing time
  3. Exercise

I put the binding on two special quilts today.  They are for Baby Mack who will come into the world next month.  His mom, Katelyn is my niece.  Katelyn will be a fabulous mom and that sweet baby is hitting a real parent jackpot with Kate and Scotty.  I started the projects just after Kate and Scotty’s wedding at the end of July.  In less than two months I have made 2 traditional quilts, a quilted wall hanging,  a flannel rag quilt, crocheted and personalized a fleece blanket, made 4 bibs and two burp rags and one set of milestone blocks.  Some of the stuff was shipped for Kate’s baby shower a couple of weeks ago but today I was able to put the binding on the two baby quilts and call them completed projects. I’d post photos but what if Kate or Scotty reads my blog?  Maybe after shipping.

I didn’t always used to complete projects.  When I was a teenager, lots of crafts caught my eye but my attention span was spotty at best.  I still occasionally abandon a project part way through but only when it’s really tedious.  Or ugly.  Or something cuter needs doing.  I now really like the feeling of completing projects.  I super love delivering them!  I wish I could deliver Kate’s baby quilts in person.  I hope she loves them and I hope that Mack drags these quilts around for many years!

You are correct! Sewing time and completed projects are inextricably linked.  This however is my list and if I want to be grateful for them separately, I will be.  Today I sewed curtains for Clayton and Courtney’s kitchen, the two bindings on the quilts and dreamed about what I am going to sew next.  Having a room in which to sew keeps me grounded, creative, productive and makes me a better person.  When the boys were growing up I could only sew on the dining room table.  That meant I had to put everything away every time we had to eat.  It kept sewing on the back burner.  Then once two boys moved out, I got an entire room to myself for all things crafting. I haven’t looked back.  I plan to make little girls dresses, doll clothes and accessories and of course, quilts for years to come.

Okay, this one really surprises me.  I have spent my entire adulthood violently allergic to exercise.  Getting your body hacked around upon will make you evaluate your chosen allergies.  I knew I would need to exercise to get my body back in shape after all the surgeries.  I didn’t expect to like it.  We joined the YMCA here in Schertz.  Hollis has always lifted weights to stay strong and because he likes exercising.  We go to the Y together about 3 times a week.  I swim and he uses the equipment.  I try once a week to lift weights with him but I’d way rather swim.  One night I take water aerobics and the other night I just swim laps.  I am shocked, shocked I tell you, by how much I like it.  I feel stronger.  My joints hurt less.  My back rarely hurts when I sew.  I am grateful for all of this.  Grateful enough to keep doing it

I did learn how to put photos in the blog.  It’s cumbersome so there’s probably a better way.  Here is a shot of my studio buddy.  His name is Pinky – it’s a long story.  I love it when he sprawls out like this.


That’s todays great insight.  Please say hi when you stop by. . .


Here’s the plan.  In the interest of blogging more often, I am going to practice by expounding on the items I list daily as things I’m grateful for.  As with blogging, I am a bit inconsistent about the practice but for purposes of blogging, I’ll commit (at least in my own mind) to being more faithful about listing 3 things I’m grateful for daily.   Today is pretty easy.  Here they are:

  1. Longarm quilting
  2. McDonald’s mocha frappes
  3. Pink Ladies events

I am really fortunate to have access to a longarm quilt machine.  I’ve been using it for about 5 years and when it recently changed ownership from one friend to another, I didn’t even lose use of it.  Then it broke.  Back in July, right before the quilt show, it went kaput.  Now I don’t own it.  I don’t have to pay to fix it and I am lucky just to get to use it.  When it doesn’t work, oh well.  Fortunately the very good friend who does own it wanted it up and running as badly as I did and as of a few days ago, we are back in quilting business.  I used it for the first time in about two months today and it was great!  I quilted two baby quilts for my niece Katelyn and a wall hanging to match one of them.  They turned out really cute and I was finished at about 1:00 this afternoon with all that quilting.  Almost anything related to quilting makes me really happy.  I am so grateful to have a friend who will let me quilt on her machine – Thank you Michelle!

When you don’t finish quilting until 1:00, you are ready (really ready) for lunch.  One of my guilty pleasures is getting a Filet o’ Fish meal at McDonald’s with a mocha frappe for the drink.  No one needs to explain to me that this is not good for my body food.  I’m aware.  I eat this meal probably once a month.  When I worked in New Braunfels and McDonald’s was on my regular lunch rotation, they introduced mocha frappes to the world.  I’m not a coffee drinker so I wasn’t really interested in trying one.  One day they were giving away samples.  Just a few ounces of basically a chocolate shake with a bit of coffee in it and whipped cream (real whipped cream, mind you) and chocolate syrup on top.  Yes, I’ve been hooked since sample day.  I always get a small one.  I don’t want to be a pig about it but I really love them.  Today I am grateful for the one I had.  It was delicious and I enjoyed every sip/slurp.

Pink Ladies events happen about 5-6 times a year.  They are planned and executed by the Patient Liaison Coordinator at my plastic surgeons office (I’m still not used to using prases like “my plastic surgeon”).  Her name is Brittany and she finds presenters and venues and calls us all together to something fun so that we can interact, support each other, get some yummy snacks, usually learn something and enjoy the company of fellow pink sisters.  Tonight was a two-fer.  First we had a presentation on decorating for parties and holidays by a professional caterer and party planner and then we were treated to a  vibrational sound therapy session.  Both presenters were well spoken, warm and professional and I really enjoyed the presentations.  Connie brought cookies and cupcakes and Audrey really relaxed us all with sound in a way I did not know was possible. Not a bad way to end a day that started with something as great as longarm quilting and had a mocha frappe thrown in the middle!

So there you have it.  3 things I am grateful for on September 13, 2018.  I have to figure out how to add photos to this blog without having to email them all to myself.  Perhaps it’s time to learn about iCloud photos.  I’m not going to post every entry to Facebook so if you happen to trip across this one, kindly say hi in a comment.  I would like to know who’s wandering by.  Rest well friends.